Approved Architects
Once a pending Architect sheet is approved, it will be moved to this board. Once it's within, you may edit small details and post in the IC Boards (The Oasis and The Macrocosm)!
Ancient Architects
Did you make an Architect prior to the 3.0 release and still want to access their information for the remake? Come in here to gain access, but be quick -- this board will only remain open until 2020!
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Architect Creation
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01. Character Guide
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02. Character Application
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Craft your Architect, today, and heed the CALL OF THE ARCHONS! Once you've been approved, you can begin repairing the errors across the Macrocosm and interact within The Oasis.

You must have an approved Architect before you have permission to post in The Macrocosm or The Oasis!
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